Buy and sell backyard
eggs across a community
of local egg lovers.

Farm to table is close, but yard to table is
even closer. Egglist makes it easy to buy and
sell eggs laid right in your own neighborhood.

Join the community to connect with friends,
neighbors and fellow locavores when and
where it's convenient for you.

Available on the iPhone App Store

In your own backyard
Find eggs close to your home or current location using simple search functions.
Chirp & chatter
Help the local egg community grow by rating sellers and writing reviews.
Keep info cooped up
Organize transaction dates and meeting times between buyers and sellers through secure, in-app messaging.
Instant & eggsact
Post or browse real-time listings based on egg type, number of eggs, and location.
All in one basket
Easily access purchase and listing histories through one convenient menu.
Duck, duck, quail
Search for traditional chicken eggs, as well as backyard duck and quail eggs.